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Venice tours and personalized travel design

Live the best experiences in Venice and its Region

Stephanie Thuroczy em Veneza

Tour Guide

Venice and region

Discover our tour guide service and some of our best tours in Venice and its Region to make your trip even more amazing.

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Custom Travel Itineraries


We offer a service of travel design, fully aligned to your preferences and tailored on your needs. In addition we give assistance with reservations for trains, attractions, restaurants and much more.


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Hello travelers!

Are you looking for a travel professional to help you plan your trip to Venice and the Veneto? Not sure how much time to devote to the places you will visit? Are you having trouble choosing hotels and transportation? Are you afraid you won't be able to manage everything yourself when you arrive at your destination? Or do you simply want to enjoy your trip without having to spend too much time and effort organizing every detail?

You have found the right person! SteTravels can help you organize the perfect trip, exactly the way you want it, effortlessly.

Stephanie Thuroczy Guia brasileira em Veneza Ste Travels

Why should I choose Ste Travels?

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Do you want to make your trip even more amazing?

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